A Guide To The New Websites

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The main reason F&G Smart Shopfittings Ltd created whatshelf.co.uk  was to make buying shopfittings easy that was the mission. We know that not everybody is aware just how many shelving brands there are. We get asked all the time “how do I know what shelving I have?” so we decided to create a site to answer these questions and more. What Shelf? will provide in depth user manuals and guides to assist you when your taking the plunge and buying new shopfittings or simply just trying to identify what you have for future projects.

What Shelf? was also set up to run along side our website so you can switch between the two and find all the information your need to assist you when purchasing shopfittings. We know that fitting a shop or simply giving your retail space a face lift can be stressful so we have tried to make things as stress free as possible for you. Throughout the websites there will be icons you can click for more information on products and services below you will find these logos and the explanations for them.