Adapt To Survive But Don’t Forget Where You Came From

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A recent poll of supermarkets has shown that the big 4 have all lost ground to Lidl & Aldi for me I think this is down to a number of reasons which I have listed below.

1) Price let’s face it in this day and age everyone is looking for the best deals around and I am afraid you just can’t beat Lidl & Aldi for price.

2) People’s attitudes have also changed a few years ago I would have turned my nose up at the thought of going shopping at Aldi, Strolling in to Tesco thinking I was getting better quality for my money. I always thought of Aldi & Lidl as cheap always meant poor quality. However when my family fell on harder times we had no choice but to shop at Aldi it was then we realised what we had been missing all these years in terms of quality there was no difference in some cases you were buying the same brand for a lot less. You were also coming away with more shopping for less money and I think many families went through the same thing and as money problems have eased for people there has been a change in their attitude why go back to the big 4 if you don’t have to.

3) I think it’s a case that some of the big four have forgotten where they came from let’s face it if you are going to buy your weeks groceries I am pretty sure you are not bothered about the latest flat screen televisions that are on offer yet you walk in to my local Tesco and more than half of the floor space is taken up with cloths, tech and many other non-essential items. I am not suggesting that they shouldn’t offer other services but are these other services taking over from what they originally set out to do.
Don’t get me wrong I know you can pick up a screwdriver set in Aldi as you are buying your weeks supply of bread & milk but this doesn’t take up half they shop floor they will have an row or two of non-essential items then the rest of the store is full of what you went in for groceries.

So with Tesco & Asda as examples they both have massive websites with a huge range of products available to click and collect so do they really need to fill their stores with it all as well or should they focus on what they originally started out as a place to go and do your weekly/monthly shop not a supermarket, fashion outlet, Curry’s PC World, Game, HMV, Toy store all rolled in to one. Everyone knows that in business you have to adapt to survive with Smarts being around for 145 years we have had to adapt a lot but have never forgotten our core business.