Sometimes the effect you’re trying to achieve, just cannot be done from stock. This is why we offer a bespoke display solution. From the initial planning stages, consultations we strive to create unique, functional and stylish shop display counters. A few things to consider are what finish you are looking for and what type of counter top suits your needs best, below you will find some useful information to help you make that decision.

What finishes are available

The vast majority of our counters are made from melamine-faced panels that complement our slatboard panels. Take a look at our colour chart for more information. Our bespoke range can also be manufactured using a vast range of laminate finishes from manufacturers such as Abet, Formica, Polyrey, Egger and Kronospan.

Choosing the right counter top

Melamine A standard melamine finish can be used to suit most normal retail applications. However some situations call for something a little tougher, it is worth think about the type of items that are going too be plonked on your counter each day…

Marmoleum Generally classed as a floor covering but it lends itself well to creating very unique counter tops due to its subtle pattern and the extensive range of colours available. Marmoleum is made from 97% natural raw materials, 70% of which are rapidly renewable, along with a 43% recycled content. Check out the full colour range.

Laminate tops are a harder wearing finish to melamine and have the benefit of being available in a huge range of solid colours and woodgrain finishes to compliment or contrast your counter. For an idea of some of the colours available take a look at the Egger ranger.

Solid Surface – Corian, Hannex, etc. Although this is the most expensive counter top option it also the toughest. You can create a stunning seamless counter top with the added bonus of being waterproof. Premium acrylic Solid Surface material offering endless design possibilities and unrivalled product performance. Commonly being used in commercial projects such as hotels, retail outlets and in the healthcare & transport industry, the design capabilities are endless. Take a look at the full colour range available.

Whats next?

Contact 0121 772 5634, or email to discuss your needs with our expert sales team. We can offer inspiration and a gallery of examples and past projects to help refine your idea, and allow us to begin technical drawings. We manufacture on the strictest time frames to meet your demands, before arranging transport of the completed unit to your facilities anywhere in the UK.

Bespoke counters can be made to whatever configuration you need in terms of size, shape and colour. You can also choose the material and finish of the counter top to suite your needs below you will find the colours and materials available. You can add basket wells and till wells if required. We can also supply counters to any of the symbol groups specification Nisa, Costcutter, Londis, Best One, Co-op, McCall’s to name a few.