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We can supply 1200mm (H) x 1217mm (W) slatboards, which are approximately 4ft x 4ft, from stock. We find these are easier to transport and handle, due to their reduced size. Our boards have a half slot top and bottom, so you can put as many boards above each other as you desire and have a perfect, flush finish.

We can also supply 2400mm (H) x 1200mm (W) slatboards, which are approximately 8ft x 4ft, from the factory in either portrait or landscape orientation. Despite being harder to transport, and requiring more storage space when not in use, they make sense if you are planning on fitting a massive amount of slatboard, as you only have to install half the boards for the same effect.


Our slatboards are manufactured with computer controlled precision from top quality MDF with an extra heavy duty melamine face. This results in our boards being flexible while maintaining stable dimensions, meaning they won’t expand or contract. This guarantees longevity and a great appearance at the same time.

Our plastic inserts are manufactured from injection moulded high impact PVC to give extreme flexibility, strength and a guarantee of consistency even if you order thousands.

The aluminium inserts we supply convert your slatboard into a seriously heavy duty display solution, dramatically increasing the load bearing of each slot by distribution weight much more effectively. The stunning brushed aluminium finish is another reason to consider these.


We supply the UK’s largest range of slatwall fittings, from metal hooks to acrylic showcases, make the most of your slatwall with top class fittings. If you find our vast range of fittings confusing, or you need anything in particular, just phone or email one of our specialist staff for immediate help.


Mounting panels is easy. If you are in a rush, screw through the slots in the slatboard into a solid wall and slide or clip the inserts in to cover any screw heads, providing you a clean finish.

If you are looking for a uber professional end result, we recommend screwing timber battons (similar to a wooden strip, usually about 20mm deep, 30mm wide and cut to height) to the wall you are planning on fixing the slatwall to, spaced 600mm apart. Screwing the slatboard to the timber battons gives a much stronger fixing to the wall and a much neater overall finish. Please bear in mind if you are cladding your shop from the floor up, ensure your floor is completely level. If not, begin at the point where the floor is highest, and leave a gap when it starts to drop.

Slatboard can be easily cut to any odd sizes you require. Organising your fittings is a matter of clipping the item into the slots on the slatboard. Always remember, an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure. Measure twice and cut once.

Please bear in mind, while our plastic inserts can be clipped in from the front of the board, the aluminium inserts cannot.


You may have noticed that our slatboards are a slightly unusual width, 1217mm. This is because it allows our slatboards to fit flush within a 1250mm Tegometall shelving bay. Using our Tegometall Backpanel Clips you can use slatboard panels instead of backpanels for a shelving bay, allowing you to still use Tegometall shelves, and slatwall fittings aswell.


If you cannot find what you need, consider our bespoke service. With our bespoke range, you get a practically unlimited choice of colours and finishes.

We can supply melamine faced boards in virtually any RAL colour, and a large variety of realistic woodgrain finishes.

Pushing the boundaries out further, cutting edge manufacturing equipment allows us to offer any specified laminate or face to be applied to the MDF panels. Popular examples are brushed aluminium finish or a mirror finish. We also occasionally provide boards finished in Formica, Polyrey, Warerite and Print.

Once you’ve made your decision, we’ll manufacture the panels to your specifications within a matter of days.