What shelving do you need, how do you make that choice hopefully this section will help you make that choice and help you make the most of your retail area.

If it’s your first time setting up a retail space, things can feel daunting.

With stuff like overheads, leases, stock and staff to worry about, setting up your shop to fit that vision you’ve had for months should be the fun part – and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be, if you know what shopfittings and shelving is right for the job!


Always consult our expert sales team if you need support planning your new shop layout. We offer on site visits, which we can then evolve into 2D architectural drawings. These drawings then progress into something that can put your mind at peace: 3D models, so you can virtually tour your shop, and make sure its perfect.


Whilst it might sound obvious, rule numero uno should always be to let your stock dictate your shopfittings. This is not an issue with us, as in terms of brute strength, both Tegometall shop shelving ranges far exceed anything competitors can provide. Have a glance at our published weight loadings. Versatility is also critical, and Tegometalls long established reputation for modularity is not unfounded, check out our Tegometall ideas.


Your shoplifting should also reflect your business image as a whole. The importance of this can be summarised with an example: A cash and carry warehouse would require very large and seriously heavy duty shelving to hold massive quantities, whereas a luxury fashion store may only require a few clothing racks and counters to display one example of each style while remaining stock is secreted in the back.


An off-shoot from the previous point, maximising your display space is vital. Display as much, whether it’s advertising or the products themselves, in the space you have.

We stock Tegometall shelving units in any configuration, height and width you require, so you always know you’re making the most of the room you have available.


Will your business be constantly changing layout to accommodate new stock? Or will you rarely, if ever, change your shop floor?

This is probably one of the most important factors in picking the right shop-fitting for your business – so it bares a good amount of thought. If you’re likely to be changing often, slat board would be a great option; it might cost more in the short term, but it’s relatively east to rearrange, and doesn’t need any ‘standing’ room.

If you’re confident the size and shape of your stock will rarely change, try and figure out exactly how much shelving you’ll need to display your maximum level of stock – then buy only that, saving you money on your start-up costs.


You obviously want to be reassured that your in good hands after you’ve invested in new shelving, so we provide you with a two year guarantee* on all Tegometall you buy from us.

Additionally we keep stock of acrylic, glass and MDF shelves in standard sizes alternatively we can manufacture to your exact requirements in terms of size, colour and thickness of material.

To purchase shelving and storage equipment please visit our Website.

Below are some installation manuals to give you an idea of how popular brands of shop shelving go together and give you an idea of the components involved.


Some helpful installation guides are available for Tegometall, Zaf & Caem are available by clicking the links below.


Assembling Tegometall

Assembling ZAF

Assembling Caem