Tegometall Inspiration


Looking for a little inspiration Tegometall’s versatility cannot be understated. The options available to you are massive.

Inspiration - cabinets

If you need to display jewellery, or smaller sensitive items why not use Tegometall with a display cabinet, providing you security and versatility.

inspiration - pegboard


Wire risers and perforated panels give a powerful appearance and perfectly suit a hardware or outdoor store. Picture how much stock you could display on this unit.

inspiration - fruit and veg


Grocery shops require a fresh, clean style that Tegometall perfectly complements.



Keep in touch with nature and collect some wooden shelving for that cool, organic effect.

inspiration - pegboard gondola


Is your business clad in slat board? It would be amazing if you could use your multitude of slat fittings on free standing, single sided, or double sided shelving unit…Tego Slat Backs will provide ease of transport as Slat Backs disassemble to be 100mm tall, can fill any height or width bay and all while providing true strength.


Need extra behind the scenes storage? Plinth drawers may be the answer.

half pegboard unit