Weight Loadings

Unlike all competitors, we can prove that Tegometall is the best quality shop shelving system available worldwide. These weight loadings show the capability and calibre of Tegometall. The superiority of materials and manufacturing is apparent, and these weight loadings go a long was to suggest the durability and longevity of the shelving system.

  1. Tegometall’s published weight loadings are the result of a continual independent testing programme and are carried out under strict conditions.
  2. Tegometall products are manufactured with 2:1 safety factor which means the warrantied maximum load is calculated at half the failure load weight.
  3. As we are confident in the product all Tegometall items carry a 2 year product warranty.
  4. Tegometall is a European manufactured range of products and operates within strict EU legislation.
  5. Please be aware that copy systems, and those produced in the Far East do NOT carry the same manufacturer warranty that will offer the end customers EU standards protection.
  6. Additionally Far East imported systems are often not sourced from one individual supplier and ultimately this means they will not be manufactured to a consistent quality, size and standard.

Maximum Tegometall Classic weight loading, when used as a base shelf.

Sizes (millimetre, kilogram)370mm470mm570mm670mm770mm


Maximum Tegometall Classic weight loading, when used as a upper shelf.

Sizes (millimetre, kilogram)250mm300mm370mm470mm 2H/3H570mm


Maximum Tegometall Optima weight loading, when used as a base shelf.

Sizes (millimetre, kilogram)250mm300mm370mm+2470mm570mm


Maximum Tegometall Optima weight loading, when used as a upper shelf.

Sizes (millimetre, kilogram)250mm300mm370mm+2470mm 2H470mm 3H


There may be other variables to take into consideration when measuring the maximum permissible weight loadings of a Tegometall shelving bay. Please contact us for any more info.