Shop Layout & Design

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So this year we have been thinking a lot about shop layouts and product placement not just to advise our customers but for ourselves as we look to improve our showroom and the way we display our product range. So with that in mind we have been reading through blogs and tactics for laying out your shop in a more constructive and eye catching way. So with that in mind we thought we would share what we have been reading with you guys.

Diversion Tactics

Read the article here

This is a great read for people who are looking to maximise there product placement in there convenience stores to make sure your customers see all the products you offer not just what they have come in to store for, to help increase the chances of impulse purchases. The article also touches on the importance of being able to easily navigate your store.

Being able to easily navigate your store should be a main priority its is all good and well overloading your space with shelving and displays but if customers can’t get round your store then this will all be for nothing. Make sure there is sufficient space between aisles for pushchairs or wheelchairs. Use promotional end units to give your customers a taste of what is in each aisle try and keep your fast selling products at the eye line of the customer. Try to avoid making your shop an obstacle course keep everything flowing and try to encourage customers to walk down each aisle.

What we have found is that most advise is just common sense try and think of the experience you would like when walking in to a shop because that will pretty much dictate the way you should layout your shop.