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Smart Shopfittings is the UK’s largest Tegometall Service Centre. The next generation of Europe’s leading shelving solution, Tegometall, comes in two forms, Tegometall Classic and Tegometall Optima, of which we are the UK’s first independent supplier.
Tegometall Optima: Very high quality while achieving ‘optima (l)’ material savings, leading to ‘optima (l)’ savings to your wallet.

Tegometall Classic: Extreme quality, familiar shelving, with slight improvements upon previous versions, which we have been selling in various forms for nearly three decades.

Also, as a valued Smart customer, we offer a unique two year warranty* on both types of Tegometall shop shelving, and published weight loadings to minimise chances of possible damage to your shelving.

With over 140 years of shop-fitting expertise behind us, here at F&G Smart we know the value of history.

Tegometall is Europe’s and the UK’s leading shopfitting system. Their shelving system is second to none, both in terms of quality and sales volumes. Every shopkeeper has heard of Tegometall.

State of the art technology and Tegometall’s many years of experience in the shopfitting sector are the guarantee of their efficiency and the basis of their market position. The Tegometall factories are equipped with the latest production facilities. The continuous process of product development and large scale production demand first class technology on all levels which also complies with the strictest standards of modern environmental production. The Tegometall painting department operates exclusively using solvent free powder lacquers, and the surface coating methods used are largely waste water free.

All of Tegometall’s operating and auxiliary materials are free of chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons, and the use of PVC foils has been completely discontinued. State of the art technology and many years of experience in every field of the shopfitting and warehouse sector are the guarantee of their efficiency, and are the basis of Tegometall’s market position.

In 2014, Smart Shopfittings got the first shipment of Tegometall Optima. This is Tegometall’s answer to the weak, inferior shelving that price concious customers , were forced to buy. This system sets the standard for an ideal balance between cost and quality.

Tegometall History

The initial Tegometall concept was a shelving system designed for “everyman” – A plug in system using wall uprights and brackets. With this concept the success of Element System was sealed and cornered the market. It was only a question of time until the shelving concept was developed to create a comprehensive shopfitting system. Tegometall was born.

In the early 1950′s Rudolph Bohnacker pioneered the system which all Tegometall products rely on today – that of a simple plug-in shelf, which could sustain anything you wanted to put on it, without obtrusive poles or buttresses.

Herr Bohnacker soon found the demand for his invention sky-rocket – not just for libraries and schools as was originally envisioned – but from shopkeepers looking to maximise their floorspace.

Soon, Rudolph had no room to accommodate production, and in 1966 he relocated to Krauchenweis, Germany – where he not only established his large factory, but also the name ‘Tegometall’.

Since then, the brand has expanded across Europe, and patented innovations like the pallet racking & storage system and the racking with integration system.

The 1990′s saw further expansion from the shop-fitting brand, as not only was a purpose-built facility opened in Sauldorf – Rudolph’s and & heir Ulrich Bohnacker opened more factories in Hungary, Poland and Switzerland.